Being a social media speaker and talking to groups large and small about my activity is one of my favorite parts of my work. I have an analytical point-of-view and use tons of research and graphs to go beyond “guesswork” to get into the actual reality of a subject when I speak.

I’m also pretty geeky so I’m quite passionate about these topics and it shows in my presentations. I can tailor my content to audiences ranging from super-technical to total beginners and everywhere in between.

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I’ve spoken about web, marketing and social media at a bunch of conferences, in Italy and abroad, including: SMAUBit, TTG Incontri, BE-WizardTelemobility, P.A.T.A Conferences, Eyefortravel Events, No Frills, Josp, County of the city Milan.

I can create a presentation and speak about any social, search or viral marketing topic you’d like, but some of my favorite things to talk about include: Social Media Marketing, Branding, Destination Management, in Tourism: Through study of academic research into social and viral communications. This session will cover how to spread right content to the right target. Audience members will learn the characteristics of contagious information and how those lessons can be applied to their activities. I will also include an overview of the tool and the value it can provide to modern viral marketers. Topics including social networking, microblogging,

Facebook, YouTube & Twitter: Over 7 years daily experience of those tools I’ve assembled a complete overview of proven best practices for using Facebook & Twitter in the Travel business. This presentation will teach something to Facebook & Twitter newbies in the travel field.

Location Based Social Network: Whether you’re a traditional marketing professional new to the web or a Foursquarer new to marketing, this session will introduce you to the fundamentals of the LBSN marketing. Places. You’ll come away with actionable insights to start launching your own LBSN campaigns.

If you would like to have me speak at your event, email me.

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