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I am what I web” online since 1994. First personal purchase with the eCommerce on 1998 with Magellano. Coach & Lecturer since 1999. On twitter & YouTube since 2007.

Web Marketing Training:
Scuola Superiore CSTP, Milano -2014- Percorso marketing e social media per il turismo. Come faccio mio EXPO e tuttu gli eventi sul mio territorio?
ISTAO, San Benedetto del Tronto -2014- Web e Social Media Marketing.
Confindustria, Terni -2013- Web 2.0 e realizzazione prodotti turistici.
ConCentro, Pordenone -2012- Social Media Marketing.
Cramars, Tolmezzo -2012- Carriera. Networking 2.0 per le donne.
IAL web, Trieste e Gorizia -2011 e 2013- Web Marketing per il turismo.
Immaginazione e Lavoro, Torino -2011- Web marketing.
MIP, Milano -2011- Social network marketing.
STAI, Imola -2010- Commercializzazione e Nuove Tecnologie.
Iulm, Milano -2010- Web marketing.
C.A.P.A.C., Milano -2008- Internet e portali turistici.
Mib, Trieste -dal 2007 al 2014- International Master in Tourism e altre collaborazioni.
Milano Metropoli -2004- Formazione marketing orientata al Web.
Formaper, Milano -1999 e 2005- Struttura dei costi e Donne in proprio nel turismo.
Ifoa, Milano -1999- Commercializzazione dell’offerta agrituristica online.

Social Media & Reputation Consulting:
Alberghi Diffusi Carnia
Bravo Net & HP Vacanze
Consorzio Tarvisiano
Ente Turismo Olandese
Enti Bilaterali Varese
Frigerio Viaggi
Renzo Tondo (Only Social)
Tagliaferri Fashion

“Met Alex Kornfeind at a social media training course at MIB in Trieste, Alex can explain in simple terms the most complex operations in social media systems, I admit he sowed me a total new world of opportunities in the social media world.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative Juan Pablo Grando – Travel Agency Managing Director in Trieste – 2012

“Alex is aware of the online marketing possibilities and with his enthusiasm may immediately motivate and transform in action his knowledge” Luca Adami – Sales & Marketing, Aviomar S.p.a.when working with Alex at MIB School of Management on April 2011

“L’entusiasmo e la competenza lavorativa gli permettono di coinvolgere in progetti innovativi in modo entusiastico coloro che lo ascoltano e lo seguono. Il suo essere aggiornato sulle tecniche e le strategie turismo x.0 e la sua eccezionale visione globale del network lo rendono punto di riferimento importante ed insostituibile per progetti di rinnovamento del settori web x.0 sia su ampia che piccola scala” Giampiero Campajola – IT Manager –Turismo FVG  when working with Alex at Srl on 2010

“Alex has good knowledge of online marketing possibilities and is very capable in transmitting this with much enthusiasm and in a way you can immediately implement it in your daily work. He is very motivated and makes his field interesting and tangibile for those who work with him.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative Mirjam Wortmann – Managing Director Holland NTO Italy– hired Alex as a Business Consultant in 2009

“Alex is not a tourism professional is the Tourism Professional. He is a Web 2.0 guru and has a very innovative approach in order to bring always high added value to the customer. His energy and enthusiasm let’s him to face the hardest challenges. It’s a pleasure working with Alex.” – Massimo Toni, Tourism & Territorial Marketing Director, Milan Chamber of Commerce 2009

“I have observed Alex during a number of workshops and consultancies which have allowed me to witness first hand the extraordinary knowledge and proficiency he possess in travel and tourism. In particolar Alex combines a deep understanding of new marcom 2.0 paradigms and tools with the know-how for handling real business situation successfully.” – Michele Aggiato, Country Manager, Zoover, when working with Alex at Hotelzon International 2009

“Alex is the most networking oriented person I have ever known: There is no single contact Alex has that is not excited to share, and he has many of them! I had great experiences and improvements at professional and personal level due to introductions or hints provided by him. Alex sparkling and proactive attitude is the perfect catalyzer of many rewarding relationships.” – Ascanio Orlandini, Owner, Euro Digital Equipment, was with another company when working with Alex at Srl

“In the time we cooperated, Alex showed a constant dedication as well as a professional & passionate approach to the overall business objectives. Highly skilled, reliable and accurate, he is endowed with a special drive towards results and a rare ability to deeply understand any client organisation and needs, together with a recognised knowledge of the market he’s called to operate in. Always focused on customer satisfaction with a special ability to listen to the customer and provide the best solution, Alex is a highly talented individual with a strong sales attitude, excellent communication skills, and an attention to detail second to none. I highly recommend Alex as he proved to be both a very positive person and an excellent pro-active business partner who is truly able to understand the complexity of a business/market and to point out the key factors to become successfully.” – Carmina Saracco, Channel Manager Italy,RSA Security, was a consultant or contractor to Alex at Srl

“Alex is a real expert in his sector, always ready to share his experience and knowledge. A volcano in terms of ideas, inputs and connections. Moreover he is a great and very effective communicator, thanks also to his sparkling and positive attitude. To work with a professional like Alex is every time an open-minding and enriching experience.” – Francesca Ghersinich, Director at IMTL MIB School of Managment hired Alex as a Travel W2.0 specialist in 2008, and hired Alex more than once

“Passion and dynamism which are rarely seen these days. Personal ability to see and understand future business trends in international and national tourism. Great competence and experience” – Chiara Saraceno, corporate communication manager, ASTOI, Italian Tour Operators’ Association – Confindustria, was with another company when working with Alex at Orient Country Italia Srl

“Alex was five years (sometimes ten…) in advance in the italian touristic world. He had intuition and comprehension about the changes much before the most part of our sector. He had, and has, professional vision and the strength to achieve his goals. A friend.” – Lapo Baglini, Journalist in Tourism, Travel, was with another company when working with Alex at Orient Country Italia Srl

“I know Alex since last year (Feb 2007) and I can truly say that he is a great manager and entrepreneur. His vision on the future of ICT is what distinguish him from many other managers and moreover he is able to realize “that vision” not in the future but today. He is able to involve people from different sectors and experiences in business projects and to be an “hub” of competences. He has always respect on other ideas and he is open to listen to differents way to solve problems. I really want to reccomend Alex as a business partner, for his human and business capabilities.” – Corrado Farina, Hosting Solution Sales, Microsoft, was with another company when working with Alex at Srl

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